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Please read through the below for any questions about my art, products, and policies. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.


How are my prints created?

All my prints, whether open or limited, are of the highest quality! I meticulously scan every image to create a near perfect digital replica of the original at high resolution to capture the most detail possilbe. Each print is inspected for color accuracy and quality. I care a great deal about my art and how it is represented so I work to ensure every print is as close to the original as possible. Every print is printed on archival, fine are papers specifically meant for high end digital reprints. I use an Epson SureColor P800 large format desk top printer with Pigment-based Epson UltraChrome® HD ink and only high end archival museumm quality papers.

What types of Prints do I offer?

I currently offer Open Edition and Limited Edition Prints depending on the image. Limited Editions Prints are restricted to specific sizes and Open Edition prints are available in multiple sizes.

For some of my digital specific work, I will have Embellished Limited Edition Prints available which are hand painted or touched up with gold leafing after printing to give it a personal and unique, one of a kind appearance (OOAK).  

How can you get an Original Painting?

I produce alot of small 'One of A Kind' originals for shows.  Some may be available as mini prints.  My larger originals will be available at convention or gallery shows and on Etsy.  You can also obtain originals by becoming a patron through my PATREON site. I do not do commissions at this time with the exception of PATREON subscription tiers that include it.

Where can you see my art on display?

My work can be found at scifi/fantasy conventions across the US.  For more info on the shows where my work will be available, please see the NEWS page for a listing of upcoming events.


How to purchase my art:

1. See my SHOP hosted by StoreEnvy.

2. Become a Patron and get original works, prints, and exlusive deals. For more details see my PATREON page. All products offered to my patrons are made, sold, and shipped by me directly.

3. Handmade itmes are avialble in my ETSY Shop.

4. For unique merchandise featuring my Art, please visit my REDBUBBLE shop.

5. Follow me on Social Media. I will be offering originals and special deals up on my FACEBOOK and


6. For PSP Tagging and Tubing, I am licensed with CREATIVE DESIGN OUTLET.


I hate spam. Any information provided by you for the purpose of communicating with me or to purchase art

from me will be used solely for the purpose of fullfilling your order, sending mailing list info (if requested),

and never anything more. You're information will never be shared or sold with another party.


Can I use your art for a tattoo?

Yes. I have no issues with you using my art for your tattoos.  I would even love to see it once complete.  Feel free to send me a picture and with your permission I will even post share it on my FACEBOOK page.

Can I use your art for tagging, signatures, tubes, stationary, and other digital scrap booking?

Yes with a paid license. I am currently a Paid To Use artist and my work is available at CREATIVE DESIGN OUTLET for licensed purchasing. There is nowhere else you may obtain my work for this for purpose. A license must be noted on all tubing use.  Any work found in violation will be pursued and requested to be removed or receive legal action to discontinue use. Those that purchased an unlimted license from me, your licenses are still valid for the work you purchased prior and per the tems of the license at the time. New work must be purchased through CDO.

Why do you not allow your work to be used digitally for free?

I am an artist and this is what I want to do for a living.  The Internet is the biggest form of advertisement and revenue for a self representing artist and if I give it away for free, there is no longer any control over what I can and can’t claim as a violation of use. To ensure my copyrights remain intact and my work is credited to me as the artist, these are the terms I require.

Can I use your work in an online gallery?

I have no problems with you using my work in a collection of other art as long as my copyright remains visible and a link back to this website is noted on the same page as the images you use.  Please do not link directly to my images for this purpose and save them to your own server. This is bandwidth stealing and I will ask for those links to be taken down.  I often move things and redesign my site map, and there is no guarantee that if you link directly that the link will remain intact. ©Abranda Icle -

Can I download your work and make prints or other items with your images on them to sell at my local craft fair?

No.  This is a violation of copyright law and is illegal. I work very hard to keep my prices reasonable and affordable and offer many different print options.  I also would be willing to offer a wholesale price to allow for resale options if you would like to purchase them for retail sale. Please feel free to contact me.

Can I download your work to use for non-profit use as prints or other items? Including a collaboration or book?

This is handled on a case by case basis.  Any use must be approved by me and I will determine what I feel is appropriate. Please email me at the email below for information. Typically I am pretty flexible and reasonable.

I am interested in licensing you for products I make.  What are your terms?

This is handled on a case by case basis as well.  Please email me to discuss!  I have been burned by home crafters and licensors in the past but if your product is something I am interested in we can discuss. Please be prepared to provide references.

For any other questions please feel free to send me an email.

Forest Sprite Sketch by Abranda Icle
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