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All images and content on this site are © Abranda Icle Flaminio 2000-2022 unless otherwise specified. Any unauthorized use is prohibited. Use of this site assumes acceptance of this site's privacy policies.

hours of operation

Mon-Fri      10am - 3pm

Saturday     11am - 3pm

Sunday     Closed

I am a self representing free-lance artist working in the fantasy and fine art genres. I specialize in art that represents romantic, spiritual, or whimsical themes to create an emotional connection to classic fantasy subject matter.  My work has been featured in a handful of new age magazines and published in an oracle deck, as well as honored with several awards (specifically in my black and white work) at the shows I frequent.

My studio is located in Oswego, Il where I live with my husband and two younger children and two furbabies. My children are my greatest inspiration.

I have been creating and selling my art for the last 20 years semi-proffesionally. If you are interested in following me on social media and getting to know me more personally, I can be found on most platforms: @abrandaicle or @abrandaicleart

For any questions, concerns, compliments, or critiques feel free to drop me a line. I will typically get back to you within 24 hours.

abranda icle biography - ©freebird photography

the artist

the art

the products

I enjoy graphite, ink, watercolor, colored pencil, and a little digital.  I work in predominantly fantasy genres, with some floral, spiritual, and wildlife for variety.  

You can find my work available for sale in my SHOP as well as at the below external sites.

ETSY - coloring pages, prints, jewelry

REDBUBBLE - t-shirts, pillows, mugs

PATREON - coloring pages, original art, commissions, give aways


My Limited Edition prints are all individually created by me the artist, as inkjet giclee quality reproductions.  Each is printed on archival quality papers using 10 color archival pigmented inks on a professional grade printer.  Each is proofed by me individually to ensure the utmost quality. I care a great deal about my art and how it is represented so I work to ensure every print is as perfect as possible.

Prints are offered in Open Editions, Limited Editions, and Embellished Limited Editions in various sizes from 2x3 Trading Card sizes to 16x20 fine art prints.

I'm an avid DIYer and every product is hand made with care and attention to detail from the creation of the art to the packaging. I do reuse shipping materials in an attempt to reduce my carbon footprint so don't be surprised if you see some recycled shipping boxes.

All orders are processed for shipment on Mondays and Saturdays and usually ship within 5 days of payment unless custom requests.

shows and appearances

My work can be seen at conventions across the US. Most are mail in only and I will not be in attendance.  

Shows where I will be in attendance are noted with an * in the schedule on the NEWS page.

policies - shipping,  privacy, and refunds


Can I use your art for a tattoo?

Yes, I have no issues with you using my art for your tattoos.  I would even love to see it once complete.  Feel free to send me a picture and with your permission I will even post share it on my FACEBOOK page.

Can I use your art for tagging, signatures, tubes, stationary, and other digital scrap booking?

Yes, with a paid license. I am currently licensed with CREATIVE DESIGN OUTLET. There is nowhere else you may obtain my work for this for purpose. A license number must be noted on all tubing use.  Any work found in violation will be pursued and requested to be removed or receive legal action to discontinue use. Those that purchased an unlimited license from me several years back, your licenses are still valid for the work you purchased prior and per the terms of the license at the time. New work must be purchased through CDO.

Why do you not allow your work to be used digitally for free?

I am an artist and this is what I want to do for a living.  The Internet is the biggest form of advertisement and revenue for a self representing artist and if I give it away for free, there is no longer any control over what I can and can’t claim as a violation of use should I ever need to approach an issue with copyright infringement. To ensure my copyrights remain intact and my work is credited to me as the artist and I can make a sustainable living, these are the terms I require.

Can I use your work in an online gallery?

I have no problems with you using my work in a collection of other art as long as my copyright remains visible and a link back to this website is noted. Please do not link directly to my images for this purpose and save them to your own server. This is bandwidth stealing and I will ask for those links to be taken down.  I often move things and redesign my site map, and there is no guarantee that if you link directly that the link will remain intact. ©Abranda Icle -

Can I download your work and make prints or other items with your images on them to sell at my local craft fair?

No, this is a violation of copyright law and is illegal. I work very hard to keep my prices reasonable and affordable and offer many different print options.  I also would be willing to offer a wholesale price to allow for resale options if you would like to purchase them for retail sale. Please feel free to contact me.

Can I download your work to use for non-profit use as prints or other items? Including a collaboration or book?

This is handled on a case by case basis.  Any use must be approved by me and I will determine what I feel is appropriate for my artwork. Please reach out to me on my contacts page for additional information. Typically I am pretty flexible and reasonable.

I am interested in licensing you for products I make.  What are your terms?

This is handled on a case by case basis as well.  Please contact me to discuss!  I have been burned by home crafters and licensors in the past but if your product is something I am interested in we can discuss. Please be prepared to provide references.

For any other questions please feel free to contact me.

I want to say thank you to those that have believed in me, supported me along the way, and for the fans that never gave up on me. You are all my inspiration.  Thank you so much for every purchase, your Patreon support, the likes and follows on social media, and especially the supportive comment. You are what keeps me going.